Qatar Recreation Tiny Peninsula Doha The Capital Barren Northern

Qatar Recreation Tiny Peninsula Doha The Capital Barren Northern

Qatar could be a tiny peninsula however there is plenty to see and do. From Doha, the capital of Qatar, all the way to its barren northern shores. Qatar offers many recreational opportunities for those looking to relax or who want to get active. This guide will highlight the highlights of the activities that you will not want to miss when traveling or living in Qatar.

Music And Theatre Peninsula

With temperatures during the daytime in Qatar exceeding 42C 108F, the majority of activities in Doha can be enjoy it after sunset. For those who love theatre There is plenty of opportunity to get involve. Qataris living in Qatar are able to attend performances of touring troupes from abroad at the newly constructed 500-seat. Newly constructed Qatar National Theatre situated in Doha and also participate in the staging of amateur shows through the community-run Doha Players the theatre group.

Music is also a major aspect of the nightlife in Doha. Doha Philharmonic Orchestra Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra has professional sound for those who are looking to experience European Classical flavor. Visitors to Doha are also able to participate as part of Doha Community Orchestra. Doha Community Orchestra is made up of musicians from all over the world ranging from eight to sixty years old. There are numerous opportunities to enjoy international and local music in Doha’s numerous bars and lounges in hotels.

Museums Peninsula

The most well-known museum in Qatar is Doha Museum of Islamic Art. It designed by the famous architect I.M. Pei the I.M. Pei-designed Doha Museum of Islamic Art is home to an extensive collection of artifacts from the past that relate to Islamic culture. From the Fertile Crescent all the way to the ancient Biblical landmasses.

It is not a trip to Doha is complete without a visit to this historic harbor full of treasures. Check out this video of our trip in the last quarter of 2011. Within a couple of hours of Doha is an Al-Zubarah Fortification. It built in 1938. The fort represents a time in which Qatar was not as a strong nation as it is now. The fort is an example of the country’s early days as an independent nation.


The most-loved pastime in Doha is to stroll along the Corniche Peninsula which is approximately 4.5 kilometers (seven miles) long. The most efficient way to travel the seaside stretch is to do it by bicycle. Qatar recently started an initiative to share bicycles, called Q-Bike. It makes bikes accessible to all who want to visit the Corniche and burn off calories simultaneously.

With squash and tennis courts, swimming pools and an elite sports center. The recreation clubs of Doha provide a variety of leisure activities. Is a sight to behold, boasting an internationally recognized 18-hole course, which hosts the annual Qatar Masters tournament. Qatar hosts a variety of annually scheduled sporting events, including golf, tennis as well as automobile racing. Qatar is one of only two Middle Eastern country to host the World Cup football competition in 2022.

The Qatar West Coast Hash Harriers is the ideal group for those who enjoy running or hiking and are planning to stay in Qatar for a long duration. The group comprised of expats living in Qatar hosts social and thrilling desert-running events. The group is design for people who would like to make new friends and experience Doha’s vast and picturesque dunes at the same time.

Traditional Activities

Traditions of Arabic events include camel races, horse racing and falconry. To get immerse in the excitement that is this region of the Middle East, visit Qatar’s Racing and Equestrian Club located in Doha. Here you can watch horse and camel championships. The club also offers the opportunity to go riding. Qatar provides a range of cultural experiences and group-building options for group activities, like eating at the beach, dhow cruises on traditional sailing vessels as well as theme-based activities on private beaches.

Shopping Because Qatar is the most affluent nation on earth and the richest in the world, it’s expect for the shopping experience to be lavish and costly. While this is true in Doha’s numerous malls, such as the biggest mall and the Villagio, it is not true everywhere. The most ideal location to explore Doha’s culture of shopping is through the Souq’s especially Doha’s famed Souq Waqif. The soups are the traditional Arab markets, where you can buy anything from spices to intricate gold works of art to falcons.

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