Best Places In South Korea Portion Korean Peninsula

Best Places In South Korea Portion Korean Peninsula

The southern portion of the Korean Peninsula is the country of South Korea. Unlike its neighbor North Korea, South Korea is a fascinating and exciting tourist destination. Seoul offers the energy of a metropolis with exciting nightlife and the latest technology. In addition to beautiful national parks, South Korea has plenty of places to relax and enjoy the scenery. The South Korean peninsula has plenty to offer tourists, from the islands off the coast to the frightening border zone.

Suwon Portion

Suwon is a city in the province of Suwon is considered to be the capital city of Gyeonggi Province. It is located just 30 kilometers out of Seoul. It’s easily accessible from Seoul via train or car However, it is frequently overlooked by tourists.

If you visit the city, you’ll have the chance to see the World Cup Stadium, affectionately known as Big Bird. This stadium was the venue for the quarterfinals of 2002’s FIFA World Cup. In the event that you’re not an avid football fan, head to the historical 18th-century Hwasong Fortress, where you can take a tour of the structure and try your hand at archery in the grounds.

Chuncheon Portion

The city is surround by picturesque mountains and lakes in Chungcheong the capital in Gangwon Province. Winter Sonata is film in Chungcheong, and many tourists visit the city to see the locations used in the drama.

Some tourists come for the food, since Chungcheong is the ultimate foodie’s destination. After visiting major sights like The Soyang Dam, Statue Park or Cheongpyeong-sa Temple, head to Dakgalbi Street. There is a famous chicken dinner serve with rice and spicy vegetables on Dakgalbi Street, called dakgalbi grill. Numerous restaurants along the street serve the same classic dish and each offers minor variations to the recipe.

Busan Portion

The second biggest city in the whole nation is Busan. Furthermore, the area offers stunning beaches and hot springs, as well as outdoor activities. Gam Cheon Cultural Village is the Santorini of Korea and is situated right next to the water in Busan.

Among the many temples in Busan is Beomeosa Temple, which is the most famous. Although the city has every kind of shopping and museum that you would imagine from an urban space that is this size, the most sought-after attractions include Haeundae Beach, Taejongdae Park and the gorgeous Nakdong River Estuary Migratory Bird Sanctuary.


In the heyday of the Joseon Dynasty, Jeonju was its capital city of spiritual significance. Among the top places to visit in South Korea is Jeonju, which has museums and temples. Get a taste of the region’s culture and learn about its history at Jeonju Hanok Village. Jeonju Hanok Village.

View traditional homes dating back to the 20th century, make hanji paper, and drink local soju. Another must-see in Jeonju is the stunning Jeonju National Museum, home to an impressive collection of objects. If you’re in Jeonju make sure to try the well-known Korean dish, Bibimbap. It originates from this region.

Seoraksan National Park

Seoraksan National Park is the best place for hiking, exploring, and taking incredible photos. The park is home to pine forests with jagged and Rocky Mountains, crystal clear streams, and breathtaking lakes.

National Park of Seoraksan is also the home of more than two thousand species of animal. You can get complimentary maps in Korean and English at the National Park Visitor Center. After that, you can explore all the miles clearly marked hiking trails that run through the whole park.

Andong Portion

More than 2,000 years old, Andong is sometimes referred to as the Capital City of Korean Spiritual Culture. In this city’s Andong Hahoe Folk Village, local culture is preserved and share with tourists. Foodies are the ones that are the ones who most appreciate visiting Andong. It is home to a variety of local dishes, starting with a well-known chicken and noodle dish, known as JJIMDAK. Andong is also home to a unique kind of alcohol known as soju. Take one before leaving the city.

Jeju Island Portion

On the southern coast in South Korea is Jeju Island Jeju Island is South Korea’s sole Special Autonomous Province. The island is dubbing the Island of the Gods. Jeju is a subtropical spot recognize for being one of the most popular tourist destinations and honeymoon spots in South Korea. Alongside beautiful beaches, volcanic tubes, and lush green landscapes, Jeju boasts an extensive list of tourist destinations along with amusement park.

It is possible to learn about local culture in Seongeup Folklore Village or go to Glass Castle which is a theme park that is center around glass-based sculptures. Perhaps the most odd and famous attraction to visit in Jeju is Loveland which is a theme park with romantic and adult-only activities.


The DMZ or demilitarized zones is the border area that separates North South Korea and North South Korea. It is considered to be a cease-fire zone. While visitors can go to the DMZ but not all areas of the zone are secured. Only a tiny part of the DMZ which is also known as The JSA also known as the Joint Security Area, is accessible to the general public.

In the JSA the JSA, you are able to actually stand on the ground in North Korea, although you are inside a building that contains South Korean soldiers. There is also the North Korean gift shop that offers wine, stamps and other currency in North Korea. It is important to note that the only option to go to the DMZ is via an official as well as a guided tour.

Gyeongju Portion

Gyeongju is the capital city of the past of the Silla Kingdom. The city is over two thousand years old. Gyeongju can be described as an extraordinary tourist destination with many religious temples and cultural events. Start your visit by visiting the Bulguksa Temple, a masterpiece of Buddhist culture and art which dates in the 7th century.

You can then hike at the top of the church to visit The Seokguram Grotto for even more Buddhist artifacts and culture. Don’t be averse to the Covered Market A collection of vendors offering anything including Silla souvenirs to freshly made Korean delicious delicacies.

Seoul Portion

Seoul is, by far, the biggest metropolitan area located in South Korea and a major city for travelers to East Asia. If you’re planning to spend any time in Korea it is likely that you’ll visit Seoul at some moment in the future. There’s no end to the sights in the city However, many tourists begin by visiting one of the numerous palaces in Seoul.

Some of the top choices include the stunning Gyeongbok-gung, as well as an ancient 15th century Changdeok-gung. Also, you’ll find the oldest temples and shrines, stunning public parks, the latest in design shopping malls as well as some of the most delicious food in all of Asia.